Saturday, September 20, 2014

LUMIPro Introduction Videos

Thank you for showing interest in LUMIPro.  We know you have quite a few options in picking Second Life tools for photography with various studios being an obvious choice.  I hope these videos give you the information you need to understand studios vs LUMIPro so you can make a great decision.

First video is an overview of LUMIPro 2016 and demonstrates a shoot in this amazing dance club Sammie and I ran into.

The second video compares LUMIPro to a scripted photography studio showing that LUMIPro works great in a studio but also works very well in-world.  The third video walks through the various elements that comprise LUMIPro.

The cool thing about LUMIPro is free updates.  The third video is all the new free features everyone gets as part of LUMIPro 2017.

We have a fully functional demo of LUMIPro available in our in-world store.  Myself (Stefan Buscaylet) and my business manager Samantha Ansar-Buscaylet are also around for either questions or demos.

Happy Shooting!  ---Stefan
(be sure to select HD for viewing these videos if you can)

Video1:  Introduction to LUMIPro

Video2:   Comparing LUMIPro to photo studios:

Here is the final shoot photo from video1:

Video3:  The video below walks you through the features of LUMIPro

Here is the final shoot photo from video2:

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