Monday, December 1, 2014

The Art of Elegance!

*** Comes into the sales room, holding a pile of what looks like magazines, and sits down at the desk with a smile. ***

Oh hey everyone! Each and everyone of you know how much we here at LUMIPro love seeing your photos. I am proud to announce that we found another person, Lion Wildmist, who loves the photography of Second Life! He loves it so much he decided to start a magazine! The Art of Elegance had it's very first issue come out today. To find out more I had a quick chat with Lion.

*** Picks up a small remote from the desk and hits the play button. ***

What is the Art of Elegance all about? What is your mission or goal?
Lion: The Art of Elegance is about showcasing the works of current masters and highly motivated students of Second Life photography. It is to show not only what is possible but hopefully inspire, motivate, and spark a creative spirit in other Second Life photographers to say, “I like that .. I want to try to do something like that.” My goal with Art of Elegance is three fold. First, showing the works of some of the best visual images in Second Life, images that tell a story or express an emotion. Secondly, I want to show up and coming Second Life photographers what is possible with practice and desire. Third, to introduce photographers to other mentors, inspirational motivators, and just plain good ole nice people who love photography.

What inspired you to start the magazine?
Lion: I am constantly looking at Flickr and talking to my extremely creative photographer wife, Addison Wildmist (Summerwind) about photography, art, and the creative process. Our discussion, her inspirational view of art and her love, support, and generosity in showing me not only what is possible but to reach for the stars in becoming a better photographer are truly the inspiration that has launched the magazine.

How did you find all of the artists to take part in the premiere issue?
Lion: Currently, I use a two fold process. One, I have a number fellow photographers that either myself or my wife follow on Flickr. Two, I ask fellow photographers for their source of inspiration.

How can artists who might want to be a part of future issues get involved?
Lion: If anyone has recommendations for contributing artists to the magazine, please contact me via email at or via Flickr mail. I ask that recommendations include the artist name and their website or Flickr site. I will review and make contact with each artist that meets the standards of being truly inspirational.

How often will new issues be released?
Lion: Each new issue will be released on the 1st of the month.

Where can everyone get their own copy of the latest issue?
Lion: The magazine can be found at The Art of Elegance. So get your copy today!
*** Picks up the remote, presses the stop button, and claps her hands together. *** 
Well there you have it! All of us here at LUMIPro would like to say congratulations to Lion Wildmist, and all of this month's featured artists!

Until next time... happy shooting!

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