Thursday, December 11, 2014

Raising The Stakes!

*** Walks into the room excitedly waving a newspaper in the air. ***

Boy, do we have some exciting news today! Stefan and I were chatting, and he is so excited to see what you all are going to come up with for the holiday advertisements. He is excited enough to raise the stakes! Each winner of the contest will now receive 5,000 Lindens instead of 3,500! 

Here is a quick reminder of all the details...
  1. The advertisements must be holiday themed.
  2. The advertisements of must use LUMIPro (Of Course!)
  3. All contest entries must be e-mailed to Sammie Ansar by December 15th!
  4. We will be picking two winners! They will be featured in our promotions, and they will each receive 5,000 lindens!
  5. Please email entries to Be sure to include your full avatar name.
Please remember that by entering the contest you give LUMIPro permission to use your work in our promotions. We will of course always give you credit for your work!

We look forward to seeing  what everyone can do! Don't forget entries are do by December 15th!

*** Gets up, walks to the door, and turns to smile. ***

Oh and these might help...
(If you need any help getting the logos just let me know)

Happy Shooting!

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