Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Show Us What You Can Do!

Have you ever seen an AD for LUMIPro and thought, "Wow I wish I could make something like that." Well now is your chance! Stefan and I are looking for some new Christmas advertisements, and we thought why not see what are talented users can do! So here are the details...
  1. The advertisements must be holiday themed.
  2. The advertisements of must use LUMIPro (Of Course!)
  3. All contest entries must be e-mailed to Sammie Ansar by December 15th!
  4. We will be picking two winners! They will be featured in our promotions, and they will each receive 3,500 lindens!
  5. Please email entries to samoanhoneypot@gmail.com Be sure to include your full avatar name.

We look forward to seeing  what everyone can do! Don't forget entries are do by December 15th!
Happy Shooting!

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