Thursday, December 18, 2014

And The Winner Is...

***Walks into the room two men all dressed up for Christmas and carrying two large covered photo frames.***

Oh hey there everyone! Well I know you all have been waiting, some impatiently, to hear who won LUMIPro's Holiday Advertisement Contest. Well here they are... 

***Steps in front of the two frames and pulls the covers off to reveal the advertisements.***

by Sumomo Cheri

by Peep Sideshow

***Watches as a third person walks into the room carrying another large photo frame and places it next to the others.***

Oh yes! There were so many great entries Stefan could not just pick two; take a look at his third selection!

by Ravenlynn Templar

Everyone did such an amazing job! We really want to thank everyone who participated. All of the entries were so amazing that you never know when they might just pop up! Sumomo, Peep, and Raven all received 5,000 lindens for being our winners... Congratulations!

LUMIPro is the perfect holiday gift for all the photographers in your life, from a pro to those just learning the ropes. 

***Gets up slowly walking to the door, turning off the lights, and switching on the holiday lights before turning to smile.***

With that said... Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting!

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