Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our 3.4 Video Library!!

*** Walks into the LUMIPro Sales Studio quietly pulling down a white projector screen. Then walks over to an old fashioned film projector and slowly threads a film through before looking up. ***

Oh hello again everyone! What is all this, you ask? Well we here at LUMIPro recognize that buying a LUMIPro can be a big step. For most of our users it was a very thought out, and well considered, purchase. We know that when you are considering making such an investment in your photography that you might have lots of questions. To help answer some of these questions Stefan has been working hard to give you some great video tutorials.

The first video is great for those people who really want a detailed look at the differences between LUMIPro and a photo studio. Oh you already own a photo studio? Well this video will also show you how they can work together for a better quality photo!

The second video we have for you is a great overview of hud functions and capabilities. To excited to sit down and read the manual? This video is for you! (Hint: This video also works great for seasoned LUMIPro users who need a refresher or want to know about new features.)

The last video is to help everyone who is switching from an older hud to a newer version. It makes reloading poses and presets so much easier!

We look forward to bringing you more helpful tutorials in the future! To be the first to know check out LUMIPro's YouTube Channel. If there are any tutorials you would like to see us film please don't hesitate to ask!

*** Gets up and slowly walks over to turn off the projector, slides the screen back into place, and makes her way to the door before turning with a smile. ***

Oh and until next time... Happy shooting!

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