Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It Is Almost Time For 2017!

Hello everyone! I wanted to reach out and say a big thank you! Even though we didn't win the Avi Choice Award this year the LUMIPro team felt so honored to be nominated. The continued love and support of everyone is what helps us be successful.

I want to congratulate all of the winners as well as the nominees. You guys are the best of the best! 
I also want to congratulate Nikki Mathieson and the Avi Choice Team on putting together an amazing event. I am sure many of us are saddened by the fact that this was the last year, but the definitely ended in style.
Now I know that you guys have been hearing rumors that the release of LUMIPro 2017 is coming. Well those rumors are true! LUMIPro will be releasing 2017 on December 10th at 7PMSLT. We can not wait!
We are excited to be bringing you knew features like HUD controlled ball lights, a pose filter, an unlimited pose capacity, and much more. To help compliment the amazing amount of animation storage we have poses from some of the best creators. We have mocaps being brought to you by the man himself, Stroker Serpentine! We have static poses from Glamurus Poses & Animations, IMAGE ESSENTIALS, Pics n Poses,  and ...: Something New :... I think you guys are going to be super impressed!

There is also going to be chances for you to win gift cards from amazing designers like [ Zerkalo ], Artisan Fantasy, Astralia, and much much more!

As you all know I love picking a theme for our events and this year is no exception. This years theme is.... James Bond/Casino Royale! Costumes are encouraged but not required. 

We are also trying something different this year, in keeping with the theme. This year ~*La Coquette Cabaret*~ will be providing us with an amazing show to kick off the night. Afterwards The Old Bull will be rocking your night. I also want to thank Shore Things & Special Moments for helping us out with a great build.

I know I have overloaded you guys with details, but it is coming! Be sure to mark your calendar for December 10th at 7PMSLT. I promise to release more details soon! One more reminder updates are always FREE!

Well until next time... Happy Shooting! 

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