Friday, December 23, 2016

Spreading Christmas Cheer with LUMIPro!

*** She walks into the sales gallery with arms full of presents. As she crouches down to start placing them under the tree you see a line of men, shirtless dressed in slacks with suspenders and a Santa hat, follow behind her. Looking up she motions for them to start placing the photos on the wall. Then as she places the last present she turns with a smile to everyone else in the room. ***

Good afternoon everybody! With the holidays, and of course Santa Claus on his way, I thought it was time to share some of the Christmas cheer being created with LUMIPro.  As I was looking in LUMIPro's Flickr group it was such a difficult choice. I am always so amazed by everyone's creativity! I feel blessed to represent a company whose product helps to each of you bring your artistic vision to light. All that being said, let's show off some of your Christmas cheer and winter spirit!


Aren't these photos just great?! I want to remind everyone if your photos are not shareable I cannot use them in spotlights. If you want to check out more holiday cheer, created by LUMIPro users, take a look at the Flickr group. You won't be disappointed!

I think this is going to be a wonderful holiday season. The release of LUMIPro 2017 was amazing! Look at all that you guys are creating with it! Don't forget to remind your friends and family that LUMIPro is a great holiday gift, and updates are always free!

Congratulations to our holiday spotlights! I have no doubt that I will be talking with you guys again before the big day. Until next time... Merry Christmas!

*** With a wave and a smile she assures you out the door to get ready for the holiday. ***

* Try a fully functional demo of LUMIPro 2017 in-world.
** Find LUMIPro on Marketplace.

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