Saturday, December 10, 2016

It Is 2017 Time!

*** She throws open the theater doors, as she removes a hard hat, and straightens out her hair. ***
Why hello everybody! As you all know today is the big day... LUMIPro 2017 is out! If you are a current owner just wear your LUMIPro 2016 and it should send you the new 2017. Don't forget LUMIPro updates are always FREE!
Here are some of the new features you can expect in LUMIPro 2017:
•  The three ball lights can now be controlled via the HUD. That means no more having to lose your camera angle to get the perfect lighting!
•  LUMIPro now supports the posing of 10 models; including yourself!
•  There is no longer a limit to the amount of animations you can put into your LUMIPro!
•  Now that you can add so many more animations, to support making finding what you want easier, we have created a pose filter right on HUD!
•  Over 190 poses and MoCaps, created by the best designers, are included in LUMIPro 2017! Many of the poses are exclusive, and they can only be found in LUMIPro.
•  12 new custom gobos were added, for total of 40, brought to you by TexasRob McRae!
•  Several improvements have been made to help with lag, including script and memory reduction.
•  And much more!
We will celebrating the new LUMIPro 2017 with an amazing party today at 7PMSLT. You are going to want to be on time because we are going to be kicking the event off with an amazing show from *~La Coquette Cabaret~*. I saw them in rehearsal, and you guys are going to love it!
In keeping with this years theme, James Bond/Casino Royale you guys will have the opportunity to win gift cards from great stores like; [Cae], [ zerkalo ], Artisan Fantasy, Astralia, and Miss Chelsea. To find out how everything is going to work, I guess you will have to come to the party.

*** Winks ***

As you read above, LUMIPro 2017 comes with over 190 poses and our first set of exclusive MoCaps! This would not have been possible without some amazing pose contributors;
Stroker's Toyz, Glamurus Poses & Animations, IMAGE ESSENTIALS , Pics n Poses, and ...: Something New :...
They did an amazing job!
People like Samual Wetherby, of Special Moments, Whimsie Starlight (TwinkleStarLight Resident) have helped to make the party venue and sim look amazing! [Cynful] also helped the LUMIgirls look their best. 

Well I think that is enough of my ramblings. I can not wait to see you guys tonight! Oh by the way don't forget there is still time to pass яανεηℓуηη Bυѕcαуℓєт- Gαscσígnε (Ravenlynn Templar) your photos for the flash mob.

*** With a wink she goes to walk back in the building and shut the door, but she quickly turns. ***

I almost forgot, here is your ride!

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