Monday, November 28, 2016

Votes and Notes!

***  Samantha walks into the room all calm and collected. As she turns to sit in the desk chair you see a smirk come across her face. Placing a piece of paper on the desk, she motions for you to come closer, and looking down you see the Avi Choice Award ballot. ***

 Hey everybody! I wanted to take a moment and remember to vote for LUMIPro in the Avi Choice Awards. We need our LUMIPro army! We couldn't do this without your support. To cast your last minute vote just click here. Batting her lashes she leans in to whisper against your ear, "It would make me really happy if we surprised Stefan with another win this year. I know how much you all like making me smile." 

I also wanted to remind everyone of the awesome Celebrate the Seasons photo contest we have going right now. It is a lot of fun, and it has some great prizes! To get all of the details just click here. As a reminder, please don't forget that contest entries must follow all the rules to be valid. I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with!

I have one more thing on my list to talk about... LUMIPro 2017! It will be officially released on December 10th! We are going to kick off the release with an awesome event at 7PM SLT that day. Don't forget to mark your calendar! I will be releasing more details soon.

If you have already purchased, or you are thinking about it, updates are always free. No worries! If you would like to learn more about what LUMIPro can do for you check out the 2016 overview. To see what is coming in 2017 check out our beta video

Please if you ever have questions or concerns never hesitate to reach out to me or another LUMIPro staff member. Well it is time for me to get out of here and get some real work done. Happy shooting and don't forget to vote!

*** Standing up Samantha smooths her skirt before making her way to the door. Once there she turns to blow you a kiss. ***

 * Don't forget, If you love LUMIPro, to give us your vote in the Avi Choice Awards!

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