Tuesday, November 8, 2016

LUMIPro Winter Gala Art Exhibit

*Stands on the podium smiling and waving at everyone. Clears throat tapping her notecards excitedly*

Good Afternoon everyone!

It is that time when we would be choosing an Artist of the Month for our Head Quarters Art Exhibit. However, after brainstorming with Miss LUMIPro, we have decided to do something new for the next two months.
Everyone knows November and December are busy times for everybody. Family arriving,cooking and baking. So in the spirit of family, we have decided to do a group art exhibit for the months of November and December. What does this mean? Well, we are asking you are lovely LUMIPro artist to send us your photographs. We will then sit and pick 32 art pieces to be displayed at Head Quarters for " The Winter Gala Art Exhibit".

The details are as following.

-Art Exhibit will open on November 18,2016

-Photographs must be turned in no later than midnight November 17th.

-Photographs must be in the theme of  Winter Wonderland or Holiday.

-Be sure and include your name and "HQ.art" in your title

-Submit only pictures that you have taken and that you have permission to use.
(this includes permission of models)

-Send all photographs full perm to 
Ravenlynn Templar.

I can't wait to see everyone's submissions.
I hope you all will join us for this wonderful
festive celebration!

Any questions,please feel free to contact a member of the LUMIPro team.

*carefully steps down from the podium and happily walks out the door humming a cheery tune.*

* Don't forget, If you love LUMIPro, to give us your vote in the Avi Choice Awards!
** Don't forget, if you are LUMIPro user, applications to beta test LUMIPro 2017 are now open! Click here.

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