Saturday, October 15, 2016

LUMIPro Is Proud To Present TexasRob McRae!

*** Shuffles into the gallery still were in her pajamas, as she sits down on the desk she lightly blows on her cup of coffee to cool it. Looking up with a smile, she takes a sip, before addressing everyone. ***

Good morning everyone! I know it is super early, but I had to remind you about the gallery opening today! We are really excited to have created a way for you guys to showcase your work. Today at 2 o'clock SLT we will present you the awesome works of TexasRob McRae. Many of you know him from his work on the gobos in LUMIPro, but today I hope you will come check out his other artistic endeavors.

DJ Mesostopheles will be keeping you entertained this afternoon. He is going to be playing some great music while we all chat and put a big smile on Rob's face!

We are hoping this will be the first of many art shows that we host at LUMIPro World Headquarters. I'm not going to put a dress code, but please make sure you at least wear shirt. *** Laughs softly ***

I hope to see each of you there this afternoon, and don't forget to bring a friend!

Well I am going to finish my coffee, and get everything ready to go. I look forward to seeing everyone this afternoon! Until then... Happy Shooting!

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