Saturday, October 1, 2016

Avi Choice Nominations and Spotlights!

*** As she ushers you into the room she removes her glasses from her face, and she wipes them clean with the hem of her skirt. She places her glasses back on her face before speaking. ***

I am so happy that everyone could make it today, I thought I would start the month of October with two very exciting things. The first thing I want to talk about is the Avi Choice Awards. This year will be the final award show! LUMIPro has been lucky enough, thanks to everyone's help, to win the award for Favorite Photography/Media Tool two years running. We could not have done it without you guys! It would make me super ecstatic if we could surprise Stefan with another win this year, the first we need to do is get nominated... This is where all you awesome people come in! To help us get on the ballot click this link and just fill out the form. You do not have to pick a nominee for each category, our category is close to the bottom of the form. They will be taking nominations until the 12th of October. I cannot express to you how much your continued love and support means to us! If you need any help or have any questions don't hesitate to contact me in world.

I am so excited about everything to come I decided that this blog post needed something a little more, so it's time for a... LUMIPro Spotlight!


I'm always so amazed when I get a chance to sit down and look at everyone's work. You guys do such a great job! I am just glad I get to watch you all growing changes artists. Congratulations to today's spotlights!

Also don't forget to nominate, nominate, nominate! Until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Getting up she slowly makes her way to the door as she reaches it she turns back to everyone and gives a wink. ***


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