Friday, April 7, 2017

Dixmix Gallery and LUMIPro Present "Switch On The Lights"!

*** She walks in carrying a big easel after sitting it next to the desk she turns toward you with a smile. ***

Hello, everybody! It has been a little while I hope everyone has been taking some great photos to lead into the spring season. Spring, however, is not the reason I brought you here today. LUMIPro is excited to be working with Dixmix Gallery. Together we are bringing you the "Switch On The Lights " art exhibit!

The photos on display are a collection of work created by various LUMIPro artists. I will not ruin the surprise by telling you who the artist are; you will have to come see the show. 

*** Winks ***

If you have never been to the Dixmix Gallery I strongly encourage you to go take a peek. Here's a little more information about the gallery and their team from Dixmix himself...

The DiXmiX Gallery offers a large foyer area and three halls for art displays – the Black and the White Gallery Halls with the Grey Gallery linking them. Art in these halls may be split over two levels, the ground floor and a mezzanine area, while a music venue, The Atom completes the major facilities.
DiXmiX Gallery with his modernist architecture is a place extremely realistic dedicated to Art, Photography, and Music where you can hang out with nice people.
Events are organized several times a month
Designed by Megan Prumier and curated by Dixmix Source, both Co-owner respectively known as the cute boss and the other boss.
Photographers and bloggers are invited to post their pictures shoot in the gallery’s Flickr Group.

This is by far one of my favorite galleries. The show will be taking place on April 8th at 12 PM SLT. I hope that we can see all of you there to support our artists and their beautiful work. Don't forget to dress to impress! I hope to see you all there tomorrow. 

Until then... Happy Shooting! 

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