Wednesday, December 9, 2015

LUMIPro 2016 Is Coming....

*** Walks into the room in her silver and black corset while a red, green, and blue ball float around her. Pulling a small hud from her purse you can see the inscription "LUMIPro 2016'' as she presses the hide button making balls disappear. *** 

Oh hello everyone! I know it has been way to long since I spoke with everyone, but we have been working hard to get the newest release ready. Guess what, it is finally here! On December 12th all you have to do is wear your current version of LUMIPro and you will be handed LUMIPro 2016 for free! Is that not awesome?! Lets talk about some of the great new things you will find in 2016:

  • A whole new preset system! Not only can you save your favorite lighting presets, but you can also save your pose, your eye position, and your camera! Talk about possibilities!
  • You can now pose up to 8 models, including yourself! It looks like it is time for some great group shots.
  • The sit ball now has it's very own control right from the hud! No more giving up that perfect angle to re position your model.
  • The backup server has been completely reworked! Now you can choose what you want to save or restore whether it be presets, poses, or both.
  • You can now turn off all your lights with just one click of the handy power button!
  • We have 50 new animations from some of the best pose designers in Second Life! 
  • We also now have 28 gobos!
  • And much more!

We would like to thank all of our amazing contributors that have helped to make this release possible! In poses we have the amazing IMAGE ESSENTIALS, KaTink,{NANTRA}, ...: Something New :..., and Variposa. They all did some great animations! TexasRob McRae also did all of the wonderful gobos! We also want to say a quick thank you to all of our beta testers! We couldn't do this without you.
Oh and I almost forgot one very important thing... It is party time! Come celebrate with the LUMIPro team in Moulin Rouge style! Also don't forget to pick out your favorite photos for our flash mob gallery. Details and landmarks will be sent out soon so keep your eyes open! 

We will see you all very soon... Happy Shooting!

*** Winks and walks out of the room to go play with her new LUMIPro. ***

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