Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Something To Share!

Hello to all of our great users and well our non-users as well! Normally I start a blog post with sexy men carrying photos or jumping up and down excited about something, but not today, today I want to show you this...


Stefan sent this to me earlier today and asked me if I could share it with you all. I loved it! I love the one about taking pictures of your food (lol). It makes you think doesn't it? Well there you have it, our contribution to your day, but before I let you go I need your help. I am working towards making the blog a more information filled resource for everyone, here is what I need from you.

What are some video tutorials related to LUMIPro or photography that you would like us to create?
Do you have favorite places that you like to take photos?
What are some features you would like to see in LUMIPro's next release?
Do you have any questions about LUMIPro you would like answered?

If you would like to share your thoughts just send me, Sammie Ansar (SamoanHoneyPot Resident), a note card. in Second Life. Stefan and I are both working really hard to not only bring you a great product but a great experience. Well until next time...
Happy Shooting!

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