Tuesday, March 24, 2015

LUMIPro Spotlight Time!

*** Skips into the room nibbling on a chocolate bar followed by several people carrying large photos. As they start placing the new photos on the wall... ***

Oh, hello to my favorite people! I hope everyone has been doing well. Stefan and I have both been busy with life as well as planning the next LUMIPro release! Well today I was looking through the Flickr group, and you all have been sharing some great work. Well we all know what that means... it is spotlight time!

 The Mermaid's Garden by Tamarind Silverfall

 Just a dream by Bevie Oh

 Black & White by Fritz Fritz

 gentle Rain by BelBa

Never Fall Down by Asa Vordun

I am always so impressed by everyone's works it can make it hard to choose, but don't worry I will do another spotlight soon! Stefan and I would also love to hear everyone's thoughts on features they would like to see. We are also looking at expanding LUMIPro's Video Library so if you all have anything you would like to see tutorials on let us know! Feel free to drop Sammie Ansar (SamoanHoneyPot Resident) a note card with your ideas. At LUMIPro we not only want to bring you a great product but a great community experience!

*** Gives a wave ***

Well until next time... Happy Shooting!

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