Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day from LUMIPRO

Love is in the air at LUMIPro.  From this amazing set of photos in our Flickr group users we thought we'd show you a few that we enjoyed.   Hope you guys have a great holiday and if you're in the US, enjoy your three day weekend!

Love Angel by  Cindy Starostin
Broken Cupid by Jadelyn McAuley
 Despair by Addison Summerwind
This Year I'm Bringing More Arrows And Lots Of Chocolate by Tamarind Silverfall 
A Little Bit of Class by Peep Sideshow

Cafe style - Ephany Royce

Fashioning Time 2  by Sherilyn Cerise

Mardi Gras With LumiPro 2 of 2 by Burly Tigerpaw


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