Sunday, January 18, 2015

LUMIPro Spotlight!

*** Walks into the sales gallery with a smile as several people follow behind her carrying photo frames. ***

Oh, Hello everybody! Well I decided it was time to stop being lazy after the holidays and being sick. So I thought why not do a spotlight! I love them, and I know you guys love them too!

*** Nods to the men and smiles as she watches them walk out. Walking over to the first photo she starts pulling off the cloth covers. ***

Well let us have a look...

Walk On by Meryll Panthar-MacMoragh

 The Money Shot by Tamarind Silverfall

 Composition 101 by Stefan Buscaylet

Dreamy Morning by Serena Snowfield

 Passion at Night by Reneesme Portland

*** Clasps her hands together with a smile. ***

Aren't all of these just wonderful? I love seeing all the amazing works you guys submit to the Flickr group each day. 

*** Starts to head towards the door, pauses to turn and look at everyone, speaking in a whisper. ***

It is time to submit the nominees for the Avi Choice Awards - The Arts and rumor has it they have added a favorite photography/media tool category. If you all love LUMIPro as much as I do I would love to see LUMIPro nominated as a surprise for Stefan. You can find the form here. Thank you for all your help, and until next time happy shooting!

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