Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What The Critics Say .....

Here at LUMIPro we love getting feedback and reviews from our customer base. It is always helpful even if it is good bad or indifferent, it just means we take a look at the next development point and try to make improvements where possible based on what our customers tell us.

So today, I'm going to share some reviews on LUMIPro as well as some stunning photos from the LUMIPro Flickr pool.

~Regina...the birth of the Chess Queen~
~Regina...the birth of the Chess Queen~

Stream lined for productivity.

My first review was rather harsh. so Im rewriting it.

now that Iv used it with more than one model.. i see the benefit to this system. i can get the models to add the lights.. accept the animate there avatar, then i send them for coffee . while i do my thing.. and with this system.. everything you need to controls the models are under one hud.. it makes everything so simple.. and faster.... The feature i like.. is you can take your model to the sim of your choice.. and get the pic you want. perfect lighting perfect pose. and it can be done so quick..

The Wishbringer
The Wishbringer
Domitalia Jinx

Seriously, I don't even know what more I could say or add that hasn't already been posted regarding the LUMIPro. I was skeptical because of the price tag but after I tested this baby out at the main store, I saw the potential and took the dive. Now that I have had the Hud for a while, I just could not imagine SL photography without it. My setup times have been cut by more than half. I have eliminated the need for pose stands and no longer have to worry about the permissions on poses to add it. This is one time where I cannot say enough about this product. If you are serious about SL Photography - you must have it. Just say yes, take the plunge, and smile because you won't regret it for a moment.  

I looked in the mirror today, and was found wanting
I looked in the mirror today, and was found wanting
Wendz Tempest

Beyond Words

I really don't know how to say this. This thing is beyond words. I feel like i'm actually taking rl photography equipment into sl and I barely know how to use the thing (i've had it for two days). This thing is the best thing that's ever happened to my sl photography path. The customer service is beyond what i expected. Not only is the creator at your service but he has reps here to help when he's not and a group to join who has experience with it. 7000L is of freaking cheap for this thing! If you're serious about sl photography GET THIS!

Great photo tool!
Great photo tool for lighting & effects. 
Only lacks pose organization. Separating male from female is nice. but loading of pose notecard lists like so many Dance HUDs is needed. Nice documentation online helps with the complex options available. Would have given it 10 stars is more pose organization.
Samual Wetherby 

Peep Sideshow Darkward

Worth every L$ and more
Unquestionably the best tool for photography in SL. It carries all your poses, has a ton of lighting options, adjusts the model's eyes...

Jeez, I'd have to put the hud on to remember all it does. lol

If you take photos inworld, YOU NEED THIS HUD! :-)

Lil Lowey

Best investment you can make in photography
if you are into photography in SL, and, like me, do most of your shoots "in world" this is invaluable. It really is a studio in a HUD. It is a bit of a learning curve at first, but the documentation for it is top notch (a rarity for alot of SL products) and they always are helpful if you do run into an issue.
Jackson Redstar

Will you play me a song?
Will you play me a song?

My new essential HUD
I was looking for an in-viewer solution for lighting as I've been doing all my lighting in post processing. I was so impressed I thought I'd leave a review (and I never leave reviews... I know it's bad!)

So, after reading the PDF instructions and watching a few of the creators YouTube video's, I've found it's become the only HUD I need for SL photography. The lighting it's self is set up to work as if in a studio, with 4 typical sets up to start from. There you tweak and edit until you're happy. It's easy to use and extremely powerful. I was happy just having quick and easy set ups to swap between a butterfly and the Rembrandt set ups, for example.

However, there was so much more to LumiPro. With the projectors, eye gazer tool, and pose organisation tools it has become an essential step to my photography. The Projector tool was an especially pleasant surprise. There's a video on Stefan's YouTube channel where he demo's this feature and shows you how to edit them. By using a black and white texture you can create all sorts of fantastic effects.

Best of all, because the lights are wearable item's and you have complete control over the light they produce, it's easy to work with a green screen. For anyone who doesn't know, the point of the green screen is to make it easier to remove the avatar from background since the human skin has no green hues. So when working with light in viewer, if any light is projected on the green it changes the saturation making it harder to cut out the green. LumiPro limits this because the lights are so close to the avatar. If any light spills over you just have to turn down the intensity or move the green screen further away.

In summary, the LumiPro is so powerful, you won't need anything else other than this and a good Windlight to take a decent pic.
Tomko Galicia


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