Thursday, July 17, 2014

Photography in Second Life with LUMIPro

Are you a photographer in Second Life either commercially or as a hobby?  Your choices for lighting are either fixed studio lighting, rezzed prims, or using the sun and windlight.  Each solution works, but the complexity and time makes it more of a struggle than it should be.  LUMIPro is a HUD which takes a completely different approach to photography lighting that works equally well in the studio or in the thousands of amazingly designed sims across the grid.  It even works in zero rez and zero script sims!   It not only manages lighting for up to 4 av's it also manages eye position and independent posing.  It can remember your favorite lighting settings as well.  The wonderful thing about this is that they can be recalled anywhere, anytime, and with any model.  Want to use Windlight well these features work extremely well in conjunction with windlight as well.  The "projector" lights allow casting shadows assuming your computer graphics chip is capable of displaying shadows from the sun.

LUMIPro has been on the market now for 3+ years and has thousands of happy customers including some of the top photographers, artists, and machinimists in second life today.  Updates for life are always free and as we speak there is a beta enhancement that is available to existing customers through the sales studio kiosk.   No need to wait for the next update as you'll be the first to get it when it releases.  The SL owner group is quite active and discusses everything related to photography from the HUD to great sims, to props to how to price and display your work.

Check out a quick video demo of the hud in action.  Or a sample of my machinimist work at

Here are a happy customers feedback on LUMIPro
    [12:55] Skip Staheli: your hud is fantastic... really  <3
    [20:48] Aoki Parker Miyagi-Karter: absolutely love your hud.  Made everything amazing for me and my store ads
    [12:23] mollybloom100: I did want to tell you personally Stefan that your lighting system...set me free
    [09:39] Creoleman Tiratzo:  The help button taking you to training videos and the PDF manual is brilliant.
    [14:18] alecat Breda: had not one minute regret about  buying lumipro ;-)  we're grateful for it!!! without it i am useless
    [15:31] Calypso Sparrowtree: BIG hugs for making such a phenomenal tool that I cannot live without! <3
    [10:57] Stefan Buscaylet:  I wish I had one of these RL!

Check us out !  We have a fully functional demo you can play with at the sale studio.

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