Monday, February 4, 2013

Unified Heart 2013 @ Palais Orleans Gallery

After the phenomenal success of Unified Heart last January, we see this fabulous gallery show  back for a second round, and just as phenomenal  as the last.

For those who may not know  Leonard Norman Cohen, CC GOQ is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist. His work often explores religion, isolation, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships.

Some of the best and quite possibly some of your favorite singers have covered Cohen through the years. 

It’s almost unbelievable now to think that we almost never heard Leonard Cohen, the singer. A well-regarded poet from the late 1950s through the mid-’60s, it was Judy Collins who encouraged the middle-aged Canadian writer to try his hand at performing his own songs, and the rest is history. She also had a successful cover of Cohen’s “Suzanne”. (from this article: 30 Great Covers of Leonard Cohen. )

My personal favorite  song from Mr. Cohen aside from Hallelujah is Dance Me To The End Of Love .

Morgana Nagorski, owner of Palais Orleans Gallery, works very hard to bring the best of the best of Second Life art and artists to us. She is also an artist herself and her work graces the pages of The Best of SL Magazine. Morgana says she "
has been a Leonard Cohen fan since her epiphany in 1974, when she woke in the middle of night to the strains of “That’s No Way To Say Goodbye” playing on the radio she had left on when she fell asleep."

With this gallery showcase of Cohen's work she received some good press and press from out of Second Life as well. You can read that article HERE

Please take the time to visit the Gallery, it is well worth seeing . 

We at LUMIPro are so pleased and very honored to have sponsored this gallery.

Creator of LUMIPro in Second Life

Palais Orleans Gallery Complex has held a special place in my heart as the birth of LUMIPro was through the collaborative works between me and the first curator of the gallery.  Although times have changed, my love of this gallery remains.  Their most recent showing of Unified Heart 2013 represents the works of Leonard Cohen.  A staggering 21 super stars of the art world were represented and I’m happy to report all of the artists are LUMIPro users and most used LUMIPro in this showing.  The buzz created by the show covered every major "who's who" in the SL world and was picked up by major syndication feeds.  And to top things off Morgana received press outside of SL!!   I'm stellar proud of the gallery's accomplishment and especially to Morgana personally who continues to be both a personal friend and supporter of arts and LUMIPro.  If you have not seen the gallery, I encourage you to make it there.  It’s something special.

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