Friday, July 6, 2018

Here Is A Little...

Hello everyone Stefan and I know that everyone is dying for news on the release of LUMIPro 18. We are working as fast as we can, around our crazy real-life schedules, to get it to you. We should have all of the important details ironed out this weekend! While you wait I thought I would share something...

While you wait don't forget that the beta release candidate is available for current LUMIPro users to test. Click the kiosk at LUMIPro World Headquarters. If you are not currently an owner you don't have to wait until the new release to purchase. Updates are always free!

Stefan and I can not wait to share LUMIPro 18 with each of you! Until then... Happy Shooting!


  1. Eagerly waiting. But while I wait, could you please let me in the Lumino group? I've asked 3 times now...

    Thank you, Demy Ansar

  2. The Beta is awesome. Working with it for a couple of weeks... Never a problem. Using 1a currently. Looking forward to the real deal. Thanks for your hard work.