Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Morning Project

Every once in a while i get inspiration from a real life photo and go off to recreate it on Second Life.  Thought I'd share the project with you...

Here was the photo I wanted to get close to:

I started with a commercial pose purchased pose from evoLove and then used the Anypose to tweak the pose.

[evoLove] - Private Dancer No4 

Lighting was with a single projector and the three ball lights.  the projector was shot with a medium spotlight with the spherical gobo (#23).

The scene LUMIPro save/restore was super useful as i explored various camera angles and could go back and forth until I found what I liked.


About 15 minute shopping for the pose, 15 minutes tweaking the pose, 10 minutes hair,  15 minutes lighting and shooting, 15 minutes in photoshop.  

Although it only somewhat matches the initial target Real Life photo, the inspiration helps.    

See how cool SL is!??

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