Thursday, February 4, 2016

It Is Time For Another... LUMIPro Spotlight!

*** Walks into the room her heels clicking across the floor, as she sits down at the desk, she waves several men inside. The men are all carrying large canvases. Turning to the people in the room, she smiles. ***

Well, hello everyone! I know you all must know what it is time for. I love the last spotlight we did some much that I decided we should do another. Isn't that a great idea? So would you say, we get started?

 The Mountains Of Scandinavia by Angi Manners

  Downtown 3 by Guy Lopez

Know Hope by Molly Angst

Laser Show by Cindy Starostin

Aren't these photos wonderful?! I just want to remind everyone if your Flickr photos are not shareable makes it harder to share them on the blog. Just keep that in mind when you are posting your photos. I love sharing all of the wonderful art they you guys create. Congratulations to all of our spotlights.

I also wanted to quickly remind everyone that there is still time to vote for the Avi Choice Awards. We at LUMIPro want to think everyone for their love and support. We couldn't do this without you guys. Well, until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Getting up, she gives a small smile, and walk slowly to the gallery entrance. As she gets to the door she looks back and gives a small smile. ***

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