Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tricks, Treats, Winners, and Beta Testers... Oh My!

*** Saunters into the LUMIPro Sales Gallery in her barista custome with her coffee and a grin. Taking a coffee maker from the cabinet behind the desk she places it on the desktop and turns on. Finally she turns to the crowd with a smile. ***

First off, Happy Halloween everyone! We hope that you are having a great holiday filled with lots of fun and candy. Today is going to be a short and sweet post with just a few announcements. Lets get started... 

We want to send out a big congratulations to Winona Jr (shafalisa Resident) for winning the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Photo Contest. One of the prizes she got to take home was a LUMIPro! Welcome to the family Winona! Here is a look at her winning photo.

Thank you again Leala Spire for letting LUMIPro contribute to this event. We love to support causes like this when we can.

In other news if you have not signed up to be a beta tester for LUMIPro 2016 there is still time. To get your ticket on the beta train just fill out this form. It looks like tomorrow is going to be the big day, but shhh do not tell Stefan I told you. We are so excited to get this new update in users hands and see what everyone thinks. Well I think that is all for now until tomorrow... Happy tricks, treats, and shooting!

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