Saturday, August 2, 2014

Best of Luck Colleen

So in July 2011 I had this amazing opportunity to meet with the business manager of Second Life’s biggest photo studio system.  At that point LUMIPro had only sold about 10% of the units we’ve sold so far today and I propositioned her with the idea of working together on the development of LUMIPro.  Colleen immediately saw the value in it and started what ended up being an over 3 years collaboration.  She was responsible for building the lumipro SL group, the LUMIPro Flickr group, gallery sponsorship, the LUMIPro blog as well as front line customer support.  We debated features for countless hours.

Colleen is moving on to other projects inside of SL and I wanted to wish her my very, very best.  She’s been an awesome colleague and my BFF.   Please wish colleen well in her current projects with blogging, Babenco & Criss, BUSTed magazine, and other projects I’m sure she’s going to start working on.