Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let's Do A Spotlight !

Here at LUMIPro we are deep into development and the beta HUD has been set out in the sales room kiosks. I'm pretty excited ! 

Stefan has been hard at work and some awesomeness is happening  !

If you are a current LUMIPro user get over to the sales floor and tap the kiosk to get the BETA HUD. If you are not yet a LUMIPro , well you should be. LUMIPro updates are always free. 

Mean while , let's take a look at some fabulous photos from the LUMIPro Flickr Pool !

Comfort me in the Night of Storm

By Dez Akemi

Bath Cthulhu

By Jordy Zipdash

Scarlet Rose

By: 2Play Nitely


By Spencer Ronzales

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