Thursday, April 19, 2012

LUMIPro at a life performance

After publishing the work we did with Shadow at SteamDolls, I was approached by
GąЪ ジ (gabryel.nyoki) who is an impressive musician and singer for a set of still shots from a life performance. Sounded like another great test of the L3 lights in a high stress environment of a live venue with 50 avi's on it.

Just like any good shoot, it does take some prep work to ensure the talent and the stage are set. I was very fortunate to have QueenOfNorway Alex offer the a stage and gave permission to both hunt down and remove stray lights and also give me rez privies (which i actually didn't use because of a technical glitch). I planted a couple careful lumipro balls in the audience as well as having each performer wear the full L3 face lights and projectors.

Gab chose to use his RL birthday for a private party (for which LUMIPro members were invited). There was about 50 in the audience and i had to admit i was quite pleased that i was able to shoot full ultra, 4x anti-aliasing, and DOF without crashing or unfortunate lag and 20 FPS. You'll also notice in the shots that Gab webcam projects his concern and this as my first experience shooting with a live video feed (three copies actually) without issues. I ran run HUD exclusively on Gab and another HUD on his guest performers.

Notice both the projection shadows on the stage as well as the well lit faces!

I did find one bug with radar of more than 12 people in range that i will update in 0.9.

Shots were using LUMIPro L3 on performers in Firestorm on ultra with Photoshop, FotoFusion for layout, and NIK Color FX for giving the shots a decent "pop" of color.

(click the photos for full screen and press the arrow keys to change pics)

(click the photos for higher resolution versions)

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