Monday, January 30, 2012

An Example Shoot Using the L3 Projectors

So I thought I'd share a shoot I did earlier using the new L3 projectors. I got the idea of the shoot from an old album cover that was stuck in my head

So I pinged a couple modeling groups and Reneesme Portland said she was game. We went out shopping.

In my mind I wanted the photos similar to Christina Aguilar on the left and a shot to show off the shadows on right.

Here is my final shot. (click the image to see it full screen)

To show the working set, here are two images raw from the camera.

Shoot notes: 30 minutes shopping, 45 minutes shooting, about 60 minutes in Photoshop (mostly goofing with light bulbs right. NIK Color FX used for page 1 color along. The font came from a Photoshop tutorial here.

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